May 31, 2018

Brooks Hoffos

Thank you. I'm so happy! I couldn't have done it without your help. I'm very grateful! You Rock!! ❤️

Kim Mural

April 5 2018

Brooks Hoffos

The work you did for us was pretty awesome, thank you.
Wembley, AB

Gordon Sears

March 26 2018

Brooks Hoffos

You made this such an enjoyable experience and we are so HAPPY! Thank you @BrooksHoffos for everything that you have done and all that you are! 

Natalie Linnell

Sept 15 2017

Brooks Hoffos

Brandon Kerschbaumer I want to comment as the purchaser of Tatum Alexis Victoria Wood's house. An investor and I were looking for a property to purchase. Brooks and I had gone viewing different homes maybe 5 or 6 separate times. I was running numbers on what were the best up/down duplexes on the market. During my process, Brooks shared that two of his past clients were looking to sell their duplexes, Tatum's being one of them. These were listings that were going up very soon, but because of Brook's network and great relations with clients, I got the inside track and we got to see them before anybody else and we ended up buying this one. With any other Realtor, we likely would have purchased properties based on what was currently listed out there, and then realized there were better options coming available just days after we had pulled the trigger. Buyers remorse would have been huge. Instead, I was able to feel completely confident moving forward having found the best option for us. Brooks wasn't impatient at all, even though I'm pretty thorough (and slow) in making decisions. We've bought and sold a few times with realtors before, and Brooks Hoffos truly does make house shopping fun and he knows his stuff. I will definitely use Brooks again in the future. He was quick to answer my questions all hours of the day, had all kinds of insight into upcoming developments and you can tell he just enjoys what he does, and that energy is contagious! Thanks Brooks Hoffos, you truly are a professional.

Brandon Kerschbaumer

November 1 2017

Brooks Hoffos

Professional, knowledgeable and passionate. He went the extra mile to get the deal we wanted. Thanks Brooks!! You made it a memorable experience for us all. ��

Carmen Basarab

March 2 2018

Brooks Hoffos

Well it’s official!!! As of today all conditions are lifted and our house is SOLD!! I am so excited to start our new gypsy life! A massive thank you goes out to our absolutely amazing realtor!!! Brooks Hoffos you have gone above and beyond for us! I have never seen so much dedication and commitment from a realtor before!! You never gave up and were constantly doing something to get our house sold, you truly care for your clients!!! 

Aprille Howlett

September 14 2017

Brooks Hoffos

What can I say, he answers the phone 2:30 in the morning and makes s#!t happen. 
Thank you for everything. Highly recommend Brooks. 


September 1 2017

Brooks Hoffos

Thank you Brooks for selling our home FAST!! We appreciate your fast response times and answering all and any of our questions. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a dedicated and knowledgable realtor that will get the job done. 

Tatum Wood

The Williams/Hoffos Team

I have dealt with Brooks for both my commercial and residential needs.  The WilliamsHoffos team has a ton of positive energy and an impressive knowledge of Grande Prairie's unique market. With The Williams/Hoffos Team I feel we have and can make confident decisions in finding the right location for us!!  Love those guys!!!    

Jim Rawsthorne - Browns Social House - Grande Prairie

July 2016

Brooks Hoffos

Congratulations, you sold out the building. You did what the other guys couldn't. Thanks again